Q. What is a Title Company and what do they do?

A. A title company is basically a company that collects all information on a real estate sale according to a contract. As a middle person the title company transfers title to the buyer and cash to the seller.

Q. What is a title search?

A.. A title search is a process where a specifically trained indivdual searches the public records in the county where a piece of property is located. The searcher will go through documents recorded in the land registry concerning that particular piece of property. During a title search, several key things are examined. For instance, mortgages, real estate taxes, liens for sewers, roadways and other municipal improvements, federal taxes, government claims, legal judgments, foreclosures, condemnations, covenants and easements. After this extensive review and the title has officially passed, the deed must be recorded at the Registry of Deeds. Recording the deed officially establishes ownership and provides notice to others that you are the owner.

Q. Can I choose my own Title Company or do I have to use the builders, or realtor’s company?

A. The Buyer has the right to choose the Settlement Company. It is to your benefit to choose a settlement company that specializes in residential and commercial closings for your state. The settlement company should have a team of experienced settlement specialists, including a Real Estate Attorney and a CPA

Q. Do you handle automobile title?

A. No. Currently, our services are limited to real estate transactions.

Q. Can I add or remove someone from the title/deed to my property?

A. In most circumstances, yes. However, the transaction may be subject to transfer taxes and recordation tax. Please contact us with your specific circumstances.